Yoshitoshi: Shigetada on Horseback

Yoshitoshi: Shigetada on Horseback (Sold)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Shigetada on Horseback
Series: Eight Honorable Ways of Conduct (Meiyo hakkô no uchi)
Date: 1865

Hatakeyama Shigetada helped Yoshitsune in his campaigns against the Taira clan. His most famous feat was when he led his men across the river Ujigawa in 1184. Halfway across his horse was hit by arrows and Shigetada dismounted and dragged the animal to shore, his forelegs across his shoulders. This is probably that moment of truth, as the horse looks very stressed and has been prominently pictured by Yoshitoshi. The face of Shigetada is wonderful, some red showing at the corners of his eyes and his hair blowing across his face as he looks back at what must be pursuing troops. The sky has also been done very dramatically, perhaps with the rising smoke of battle. This is a scarce design that has been printed on quite deluxe paper.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. Untrimmed and unbacked.
Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Morimoto Junzaburô
Literature: Beauty & Violence, series #33.3. Pictured in color on page 56. Keyes number 399.3
Signature: Ôju Taiso Yoshitoshi