Yoshitoshi: Ronin shining lantern

Yoshitoshi: Ronin shining lantern (Sold)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Ronin shining lantern
Series: Seichû gishinden “Tales of True Loyalty and Chivalrous Spirit”. http://www.yoshitoshi.net/series/gishinden.html
Date: 1868/6th month

Kurahashi Densuke. Kiyohara no Takeyuki flashes a lantern into the darkness. Probably the best design in this series, it is understated yet powerful. There is the number “27” just below the series title, but only about 15 designs were thought to be published. Rare series. With mica in the black background and woodgrain visible in the block.

Condition: Excellent impression and color; very good condition. Minor repairs near left margin.
Dimensions: oban
Publisher: Masudaya
Literature: Keyes series 221.6.
Signature: Kaisai Yoshitoshi hitsu