Yoshitoshi: Minamoto Tametomo on the Beach (SOLD)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Minamoto Tametomo on the Beach
Series: Eight Views with Fine Tales of Warriors (Bidan musha hakkei)
Date: 1867

Returning Sails In the Ryûkyû Islands. Tametomo and Neiwanjo. Roger Keyes in The Theatrical World of Osaka Prints wrote on page 130: "According to historical accounts, Chinzei Hachir Tametomo, a renowned archer and warrior of the Genji clan, was born to a courtesan in 1139. By the age of fifteen he was already seven feet tall and had conquered half the castles in Ky sh . While battling the Heike general, Kiyomori, he was captured and exiled to shima, a group of islands that he subdued and set about ruling. An army was sent from the mainland to quell him once and for all, the continuation of the tale by Takizawa Bakin, escaped from shima the Isles of Women. Later shipwrecked, he was cast ashore in Okinawa where he defended the princess of the island against usurpers, married her, brought peace, and produced a son who became king.”

Condition: Excellent impression and color, very good condition. Paper reinforced verso where there was bronze pigment present.
Dimensions: Triptych
Publisher: Kinseidô
Literature: Keyes 200.2. See LACMA website.
Seal: Yoshitoshi
Signature: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi hitsu