Yoshitoshi: Early Actor Triptych (Sold)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Early Actor Triptych
Date: 1863/8 (1862?)

Band Hikosaburo V as Oda Harunaga, Sawamura Tossh II as Mori Ranmaru {Rammaru}, Kataoka Gad II as Koret Mitsuhide. Keyes lists the year as 1862, but Marks lists it as 1863 (Bunkyû 3).

Condition: Excellent impression and color; very good condition. Fold lines near left margins and some trimming.
Dimensions: oban triptych
Publisher: Enhiko
Literature: Keyes number 70.
Seal: Engraver: Fuka Hori Chô
Signature: Ikkaisai Yoshitoshi ga