Yoshitoshi: Amaterasu the Sun Goddess (Amaterasu Ômikami)

Yoshitoshi: Amaterasu the Sun Goddess (Amaterasu Ômikami) (Sold)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Amaterasu the Sun Goddess (Amaterasu Ômikami)
Series: Illustrated History of Great Japan (Dai nippon-shi ryaku zue)
Date: 1879/04 (Meiji 12)

The text reads: In the ancient time of gods and goddesses in Japan, the sun goddess Amaterasu Ômikami was annoyed by the insults of her brother Susanô-o-no Mikoto and retired into a cave, casting darkness over the world and sealing the opening of the cave with a rock. After the consideration of gods and goddess, Ame no Uzume-no-mikoto was to dance in front of the cave to lure Amaterasu Omikami out from her hiding. Drummers beat the big drum. As soon as Amaterasu opened slightly to see amusement outside, the god of strong power, Tachikara-o-no-Mikoto pulled open the rock door. We see the assembly react with amazement as light begins to pour from the entrance to the cave: Saruta-hiko-no-Mikoto (on the right sheet) jumps back. A rooster stands next to the fire. The scene is depicted on a horizontal hand scroll design.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition
Dimensions: ôban triptych
Publisher: Tsunashima Kamekichi
Literature: Listed in Beauty & Violence, number 38.1.
Seal: Carver’s seal in yellow: Hori Kame (Kawakami Kamekichi?)
Signature: Taiso Yoshitoshi