Yoshitoshi: Kato Kiyomasa

Yoshitoshi: Kato Kiyomasa (Sold)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Kato Kiyomasa
Series: Glorious Exploits of Korea: Japanese Vigor (seikan ikô: Nihon no genki)
Date: 1897/7

On a hand scroll a scene at Korean palace is depicted: in the center Kato Kazuenokami Kiyomasa, a celebrated general, kneels down in front of Korean governmental officers on the left sheet after his victory over Korea .

The text tells about Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611): When he was small he was called Yashawaka and later changed to Toranosuke. In 1592 (Buroku 1) Hideyoshi was conquering Ming, Kiyomasa was ordered to conquer Korea and achieved his victory successfully. He was feared and called “devil warrior” (kijô kan). He entered in the palace and captured the emperor. Kiyomasa’s fame for his bravery was told forever. He exemplifies a true Japanese vigor.

Dimensions: ôban triptych
Publisher: Morimoto Junzarubô
Signature: Taiso Yoshitoshi