Yoshitoshi: Torii Suneemon Katsutaka and the Siege of Nagashino (Sold)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Torii Suneemon Katsutaka and the Siege of Nagashino
Series: Twenty-four Accomplishments in Imperial Japan (Kôkoku nijûshikô)
Date: 1887

Torii Suneemon is seen making his way in a river by night, sneaking back through the enemy territory towards his own besieged castle, having delivered a message to Tokugawa Ieyasu in Okazaki for aid. Upon his return to the besieged castle of Nagashino, the trip-wired alarm bells ring, scaring a group of herons and alerting the enemy Takedato his presence. Here we see him attempting to sneak back in the pouring rain, and we see the two herons flying above him that he must have just disturbed. He holds his sword at the ready, but he is soon captured by the enemy. First edition. In the large cartouche above is a commentary by the playwright Ryutei Tanehiko. There is an earlier triptych from 1868 of this same scene that may be viewed on this website. In the later editions there are changes to the signature, the cartouches and the coloration.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. 1st edition.
Dimensions: ôban (37.3 x 25 cm)
Publisher: Tsuda Genshichi
Literature: Keyes 438.23. See Claremont Digital Libraries online. See also MFA.
Seal: Taiso
Signature: Taiso Yoshitoshi hitsu