Yoshitoshi 芳年: Mount Tobisu Dawn Moon --Toda Hanbei Shigeyuki 鳶巣山暁月 戸田半平重之 (SOLD)

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) 芳年
Title: Mount Tobisu Dawn Moon --Toda Hanbei Shigeyuki 鳶巣山暁月 戸田半平重之
Series: One Hundred Aspects of the Moon 月百姿
Date: 1887

A fierce general stands atop an overlook as his troops rush to attack the enemy Takeda forces below. His personal standard is that of an actual human skull, probably that of a vanquished enemy. These standards were worn in battle so that leaders could be identified in the heat of fighting. His stance is both confident and watchful, and his hair blows in the breeze along with the battle flags beneath him. The full moon at dawn rises above, and both his spear and his emblem have broken through the upper border of the design to add dynamism. His armor has been printed with the shiny, lacquer-imitating printing effect.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. Unbacked.
Dimensions: ôban 35.6 x 24 cm
Publisher: Akiyama Buemon
Literature: John Stevenson, Yoshitoshi’s One Hundred Aspects of the Moon (San Francisco: San Francisco Graphic Society, 1992), number 52. See British Museum, Portland Art Museum.
Signature: Yoshitoshi