Shūhō: Beauty in Kimono holding fan (Sold)

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Artist: Yamakawa Shūhō
Title: Dusk, from the series “Women in Four Settings”.
Date: 1928

Titled “Twilight”, this design is from the series “Women in Four Settings”. A Japanese beauty gazes left with a thoughtful expression. She wears a blue kimono with a net pattern and holds a round fan with embossed ribs. Her Showa Period hairstyle features a cloth that has been tie-dyed in the traditional method. The background features a mica ground. Fujo Yondai: Tasagare.

Dimensions: 38 x 26.2 cm (ôban)
Publisher: Bijutsusha
Literature: “The Female Image”, number 155, page 227.
Signature: Shuho