Utagawa School: Four koban shunga scenes of sexual congress

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Artist: Utagawa School (Possibly Kunisada)
Title: Four koban shunga scenes from the same series
Date: Ca. 1840s

Four erotic scenes of amorous couples in various acts of congress. Each work in this series has a screen of red in the background, which seems to turn up the heat of the scene; the red undergarments of the women also contrast with their bare, white limbs. One scene seems to show a geisha, as her shamisen is laying by her side. Snippets of conversation are most likely what are written at bottom, increasing the voyeuristic aspect of the prints. The works are beautifully printed, and the colors are very well preserved; even the fugitive purple color is extant. Sold as four together.

Condition: Excellent impressions, colors and conditions.
Dimensions: koban (each approx. 9 x 12.3 cm)
Signature: unsigned, as usual with shunga