Unknown Artist: Eitai Bashi Bridge Fan Print 江戸永代橋 (Reserved)

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Artist: Unknown Utagawa School Artist
Title: Famous Places of Edo: Eitai-bashi (Bridge), (Edo Eitai-bashi江戸永代橋)
Date: ca early 1800s

Our view is from the Sumida River towards Edo Bay during a summer festival.  Along the curve of the upper edge of of the fan print design, we see the congested Eitai Bridge, high above the river and its many pleasure boats and fishing boats, ripples on the water that might be from all of the boat traffic. The pleasure boats are festooned with red lanterns, the passengers no doubt enjoying feasting and entertainment within. In the distance, past Edo Bay, we see Mt. Fuji after sunset. This snapshot is of the time when the scene would be most crowded, with Edo people enjoying long, hot summer evening at the summer festival at Fukagawa Tomioka Shrine and the surrounding area. This is an unsigned print, and is most likely the only known impression. 

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Hinging remnants to upper corners, verso. 

Dimensions: uchiwa-e (fan print) 23 x 26.3 cm

Publisher: Iba-ya Senzaburô 伊場仙三郎   Signed: Unsigned