Toyokuni II: Fan Print of Kabuki Actor Iwai Kumesaburô as Osono 岩井粂三郎 おその (SOLD)

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Artist: Utagawa Toyokuni II (1777-1835)
Title: Kabuki Actor Iwai Kumesaburô as Osono 岩井粂三郎 おその

Date: 1830

The actor Iwai Kumesaburô as Osono looks to her left, probably in the direction of an arrow that has just pierced a target behind her. The actor’s name and role is written in the small red slip of paper that is in tanzaku format. Iwai Kumesaburô II (1799-1836) is portrayed in the role of Osono, a character in the 47 Ronin story. Kumesaburô II inherited his father’s name of Iwai Hanshirô VI in 1832.

Regarding the specific performance, it could be an 1830 performance of Kana-dehon Chushingura at the Ichimura-za in Edo. Here Osono wears kimono with plum blossom patterns as well as a plum design on her narrow hairpin. There is a Hokusai print in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts that shows Osono offering her hair that is scene from Act Ten of the play; perhaps the unusual black coil at left is referencing this eventual sacrifice that she makes. Osono is the wife of the “faithful merchant” Gihei.

Condition: Excellent impression and color. Very good condition. Binding holes right and areas of surface soil.
Dimensions: uchiwa-e (22.8 x 26.8 cm)
Publisher: Ibaya Senzaburô. There is a second publisher's red seal in the form of a  gourd stamp at bottom; above are three stripes for Ibaya; below -Sen 仙 from his name Senzaburô. 

Signature: Toyokuni ga