Tomikichirô Tokuriki: Painting, Proof and Print of Gion Festival, Kyoto

Tomikichirô Tokuriki

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Artist: Tomikichirô Tokuriki (1902-2000)
Title: Painting, Proof and Print of Gion Festival, Kyoto
Date: ca. 1950
Gion Festival. Evening scene of the festival lanterns on the streets of Kyoto in the shape of an ôgi fan. From the publisher we have the process set of the original watercolor painting, the corrected test proof print, and the final, finished artwork. It is interesting to see how closely the carvers were able to duplicate the painting using woodblocks. It is also interesting to see the subtle changes that the artist wanted in the proof of the woodblock. We can see that the artist wanted some lines lightened in value at the top and bottom of the design, and also that the signature and title were moved from the right side of the print to the left side. Tokuriki was a Kyoto-based artist, and we see how his works suggest painting rather than woodblock. The Japanese publishers and craftsmen responsible for printmaking in the 20th century did not make public very much about their craft, so publisher’s sets like this one which shows the process of creating a print are a valuable window into the hanmoto production process. Tokuriki studied at the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting, and after the war he founded his own publishing company, Matsukyu. He taught many students through the years the techniques of carving and printing, including the exceptional artist Daniel Kelly. Provenance: Uchida Art Company Ltd.

Condition: Overall excellent impressions, color and condition. The paper of the painting has been covered with a layer of sparkling mica, and the final print also has a subtle layer of mica
Dimensions: Painting paper dimensions are about 24 x 45 cm; the prints are larger. Publisher: Uchida 
Seal: Hanmoto Uchida
Signature: Tomikichiro