Tomikichirô Tokuriki: Painting, Proof and Print of Kameyama Shrine in Kishu

Tomikichirô Tokuriki

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Artist: Tomikichirô Tokuriki (1902-2000)
Title: Painting, Proof and Print of Kameyama Shrine in Kishu
Series: Scenes of Sacred Places and Historic Landmarks.
Date: ca. 1941
The Neighborhood of Kameyama Shrine in Kishu. Sold as a process set, comprising the original watercolor painting, the corrected test proof print, and the final, finished artwork. Tokuriki was a Kyoto-based artist, and we see how his works suggest painting rather than woodblock. This 50-print series was published during the war on Sept 20, 1941. It depicts Japan’s most sacred and historic shrines, temples, castles and famous sights. We can surmise that these were meant to create strong nostalgic feelings for Japanese in the middle of wartime, reminding them of Japan’s unique history and culture. The Japanese publishers and craftsmen responsible for printmaking in the 20th century did not make public very much about their craft, so publisher’s sets like this one which shows the process of creating a print are a valuable window into the hanmoto production process. The proof with pencil corrections is especially interesting, as we can see how the artist was attentive to even very subtle details. The artist’s seal in the proof print, lower left, was replaced by the publisher’s seal in the final print. As Uchida Art Company wrote “it is the most essential that the three persons, designer, carver, and printer, should be harmoniously blended.” Provenance: Uchida Art Company Ltd.

Condition: The final print is in excellent condition. The proof has minor wrinkles, and the painting has handling creases and some rubbing on margin.
Dimensions: 28.3 x 41 cm (approx)  Publisher: Uchida Bijutsu Shoten
Seal: Hanmoto Uchida
Signature: Tomikichiro