Tokushi Katsuhira 勝平得之: Oga Peninsula (Akita)

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Artist: Tokushi Katsuhira 勝平得之 (1904-1971)
Title: Oga Peninsula (Akita)
Date: 1939, March
Series:  100 Views of New Japan

Tokushi Katsuhira was a self-taught artist who came from a tradition of doll carving and papermaking. Most of his later works show local people engaged in the traditions and customs of his native Akita, so this work is quite singular in its rendering of pure landscape in this rugged style. This dealer has been unable to find any other works from this series, nor any other examples this design, so it is probably a trail proof from a series that never was completed. Its unusual nature and the beauty of the printmaking must be the reason that Sekino kept it in his private collection. Provenance: Sekino Family Collection. The Oga Peninsula is known for its rugged terrain; it projects west into the Sea of Japan from the coast of Akita in northern Honshu.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: 24.8 x 32.2 cm
Publisher: Self-printed by the artist