Tatsumi Shimura: Late Summer (Beauty in a Striped Kimono) (Sold)

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Artist: Tatsumi Shimura (1907-1980)
Title: Late Summer (Beauty in a Striped Kimono)
Date: ca. 1953
Size: 46 x 29 cm
Series: Five Figures of Modern Beauties

Natsu Takete. A young beauty in a striped kimono looks left, her bold red lips in strong contrast to her white complexion.  Next to her are two summer fans, one with the design of Hokusai’s Red Fuji. The title is embossed in the bottom margin. 

Seal: Artist’s seal. Block carver Nakagawa Chushichi and printer Onodera Ryuji
Publisher: Nihon hanga kenkusho (Japanese Institute for Woodblock Prints)