Tadashige Ono: Vienna on the Danube River ("Parliament")

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Artist: Tadashige Ono (1909-1990)
Title: Vienna ("Parliament")
Date: 1961

Interesting view of what seems to be St. Francis of Assisi Church on the banks of the Danube River in Vienna. Verso on the paper that was attached by the artist, in brush the work is titled “U-i-n” for Wien, or Vienna. Handwritten in pen next to it is written “Parliament Building”, but that might be a mis-attribution in terms of the actual building that is pictured. Our view is from a green river with gulls filling the lighter sky. As a sosaku-hanga, artist, Ono carved and printed his own works. With a handwritten title and signature paper on cream-colored washi paper by the artist attached verso. The artist also wrote on the attached paper “Trial Print 2/2”, The Art Institute of Chicago has a close-up depiction of the Dome in Vienna also done in 1961. There is also an example of this work in the Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Printed on thick, highly textured paper. Some wrinkles to the mounted backing paper.
Dimensions: 22.3 x 28.8 cm
Signed: T. Ono in brush in Romaji recto, and Tadashige Ono in Kanji and Romaji, verso