Ryuryukyo Shinsai: Canary’s pure  (Kanariya no gokuou)

Shinsai: Canary’s pure surimono (Kanariya no gokuou) (Sold)

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Artist: Ryuryukyo Shinsai
Title: Canary’s pure (Kanariya no gokuou)
Series: Five Colours (goshiki no uchi)

Shinsai (“dragon studio”) is an early pupil of Hokusai and is apparently derived from Hokusai’s auxiliary name Tatsumasa (or Shinsei). Shinsai’s go, Ryuryukyo was used by Tawaraya Sori, Hokusai’s predecessor. Shinsai specialized in surimono and is one of the first artists to design sets of surimono on a common theme. In the early 1800s the format of his surimono was small; in the mid-1810s he began working in the square format and kept until his late work.(ref.Keyes: Surimono) In front of the tucked curtain with clouds pattern sit two canaries on a plum branch. The bright yellow of the canaries reflect on the light of lantern windows behind the curtain. The first poem by Igarashi Kawando refers to the jewelled lantern with glass beads and the spring moon. The second poem by Ryujoen Sugemino refers to the fragrance of fukujuso, adonis, one of the first spring flowers.

Dimensions: Surimono Shikishi
Signature: Shinsai