Shunsen 春扇: Pilgrimage to Enoshima Shrine

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Artist: Katsukawa Shunsen 勝川春扇
Title: Visit to Enoshima Island

Date: Ca. 1810s

In the foreground two ladies gesture to a man who has been escorting them as they walk towards the exposed path to the Enoshima Shrine, seen on the island in the middle distance. There are two women; a younger lady with long sleeve kimono with a walking stick and the older one with a bamboo travelling hat, stick and straw sandals. The man escorting them is making a face because the child on his shoulders is delightedly pulling at his headscarf. He carries a small sack on his shoulders and wears waraji straw sandals.

In the background we see the path to the red torii gate leading to Enoshima Shrine on Enoshima island in Sagami Bay,  and a famous view of Mt. Fuji.

As this depiction shows, only at ebbing tide a stretch of sandbar appears and the island and the Shonan Coast are thereby connected, allowing visitors to  walk to Enoshima. The scene seems to be a nice outing on a bright spring day.  Katsukawa Shunsen was also known as Katsukawa Shunko II. There is extensive blindprinting (gauffrauge) in the unpigmented waves.

Condition: Excellent color. Very good impression and condition. Some smudges and two hinging remnants, verso. 
Dimensions: 19 x 36.8 cm
Signature: Kashôsai Shunsen 可笑斎 春扇