Suiyōtei Shōgetsu: Amaterasu Emerges from Her Cave (Amano-iwaya-no to)

Suiyōtei Shōgetsu: Amaterasu Emerges from Her Cave (Amano-iwaya-no to) (Sold)

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Artist: Suiyōtei Shōgetsu
Title: Amaterasu Emerges from Her Cave (Amano-iwaya-no to)
Date: ca. 1791-1804

This prints depicts the scene of Japanese myths, Amano iwaya no to . Amaterasu-ômikami, the Shinto sun goddess was embarrassed by actions of her brother, Susano-o-no-mikoto, the storm god and hid in a cave, thus plunging the world into darkness. In order to encourage her to appear from the cave, the other gods had decided to decorate outside the cave and play music. When the goddess Amano-Uzume performed a dance, Amaterasu became curious about the outside noise and emerged from the cave. As she did so, her reflection caught in a mirror hanging from a nearby tree, which both illuminated the world again and startled Amaterasu so much that the gods and goddesses were able to seal off the cave and persuade her to return to the sky.

Dimensions: horizontal Oban
Publisher: Ezakiya Kichibei
Seal: censor’s seal:Kiwame (used ca.1791-1804)
Signature: Suiyôtei Shôgetsu ga