Saitō Kiyoshi: Winter (Bridge) in Aizu

Saitō Kiyoshi: Winter (Bridge) in Aizu (Sold)

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Artist: Saitō Kiyoshi
Title: Winter (Bridge) in Aizu
Date: ca. 1960

A villager wearing a straw cape trudges across a snow-covered bridge, towards the snow-covered thatched houses of a village. His triangular shape is echoed by the single point perspective of the bridge. Saito himself grew up in Aizu, and we feel the familiarity of home within the landscape. The charm and folk-art feeling of Satio’s work overlays a sophisticated mastery of design.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: Roughly ôban
Publisher: Self-published
Literature: See Kiyoshi Saito Museum of Art, Yanaizu (1999), number 21.
Seal: artist’s seal “Kiyoshi” in red
Signature: Kiyoshi Saito (in pencil)