Sadahide: Great Battle at Rokuhara (SOLD)

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Artist: Gountei Sadahide (1807-ca. 1878)
Title: Flames at Great Battle at Rokuhara
Date: 1859

Great Battle at Rokuhara from the Taiehiki 太平記六波羅合戦. The castle of shogun Ashikaga Takauji is under attack by the forces of Kusunoki Masatsura in the night battle that drove Takauji out of Kyoto to Tamba. The armored samurai rush about like toy soldiers while huge plumes of elaborate smoke conceal most of the battle. The smoke plumes have designs that mimic western copperplate engravings, and also include orange lead (tan) pigment that oxidizes to a dark grey. This orange lead pigment was often used when picturing a fire.

Condition: Very good condition. Good impression and color. Unbacked and untrimmed.
Dimensions: oban triptych (36.6 x 74.4 cm)
Signature: Gountei Sadahide ga
Publisher: Fujiokaya Keijiro (Shorindo)
Literature: See MFA for their example.