Sadahide: Empress Jingu Attacks the Three Korean Kingdoms 神功 皇后三韓伐隨就給之図 (Sold)

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Artist: Gountei Sadahide 貞秀  (1807-ca. 1878)
Title: Empress Jingu Attacks the Three Korean Kingdoms 神功皇后三韓伐隨就給之図
Date: 1856

The legendary figure Empress Jingü (c. AD 169-269) was said to have led an army to invade Korea (Shiragi) and then return to her country victorious. This tale eventually was used as source of nationalistic pride and the story was revived to support the super-nationalism of the Meiji and Taisho/Showa periods. Empress Jingu even appeared on a Japanese banknote in 1881. Here she is shown at right on horseback in full armor, raising her fan to commence battle. Although sometimes said to have been a bloodless conquest, here we see a battle raging at the foot of what seems to be a castle or fortress. 

Condition: Excellent impression. Very good color and good/very good condition. Some trimming, nibbles to edges of sheet and minor imperfections.
Dimensions: oban triptych (36 x 73 cm)
Signature: Gountei Sadahide ga