Sadahide: Preparatory Drawing for a Triptych (Sold)

Sadahide: Preparatory Drawing for a Triptych (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Sadahide
Title: Preparatory Drawing for a Triptych
Date: early 1849

“Gathering of the Daimyô of the Country in the Capital During the Ashikaga Era” (1392-1573). Detailed preparatory drawing that is close to the finished state, as evidenced by the censor’s seals on each sheet. This design was most likely never published, but still some changes are being made, including the position of the artist’s signature. Sadahide had a confidence with his brush for details, and here we never see it waver. Shokoku no daimyô shômyô. It is very rare to find drawings that include the censor’s seals. There are some similar triptychs by Sadahide that were published, but this exact one did not seem to make it into production.

Condition: Backed, with some areas corrected as well as excised.
Dimensions: ôban triptych
Seal: Censor’s seals of Yoshimura and Kinugasa
Signature: Gyokuran Sadahide ga