Okuyama Gihachiro: Ishizaki Fishing Grounds 石崎の漁場

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Artist: Okuyama Gihachiro (1907-1981)
Title: Ishizaki Fishing Grounds 石崎の漁場
Date: 1943 (undated)

An unusual view of a wharf that includes moored fishing boats and unemployed fishing nets, with two women walking the empty wharf at left. Perhaps it is near dawn and wintertime, and perhaps it is also a subtle indication that that most of the men are away at war, as the date is 1943.  Gihachiro was active in both the shin hanga and sosaku hanga movements, and his style varied greatly.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban (21.2 x 33.8 cm)
Publisher: Nihon Hanga Kenkyusho, Tokyo
Literature: National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Catalogue of Collections--Prints. Tokyo 1993, number 387.
Seal: Carver: Yasukawa Suekichi and printer Inomura Masanosuke
Signature: Gihachiro ga