Obata: Ink Painting of a Rock, Trees and Stream in Rain (Sold)

Obata: Ink Painting of a Rock, Trees and Stream in Rain (Sold)

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Artist: Chiura Obata   (1885-1975)
Title: InkPainting of a Rock, Trees and Stream in Rain
Date: Undated; ca. 1930s-40s

Sumi-e painting of dramatic rock surrounded by foliage during a rain shower. There is also a stream that flows smoothly past the rock. As most works of this type were demonstration paintings for his classes at Berkeley, Obata seems to be here demonstrating the characteristics of stone, of flowing water, of different types of foliage and even falling rain. Obata has captured both the individual elements as well as the synergetic whole of the scene.  Obata painted and drew prodigiously to keep his skills sharp; probably every day. His family has kept the majority of his output through the decades. Chiura Obata taught at Berkeley between 1932 and 1954, and made many study paintings as demonstration to his students. His economy of line and mastery of the brush are practically unequalled in 20th c. American art. The University of California, Berkeley preserved all of his paintings while Obata and his family were interned in Utah during WWII. Provenance: Estate of Chiura Obata. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity from the Estate of Chiura Obata.

Condition: Very good condition. 
Dimensions: 38.5 x 52 cm
Provenance:  Provenance: Estate of Chiura Obata. Includes a certificate of authenticity from the estate of the artist.