Obata: Bamboo Painting

Chiura Obata

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Artist: Chiura Obata   (1885-1975)
Title: Bamboo Painting
Date: Undated

Sumi-e painting of three bamboo canes.  Bamboo was one of the classic Chinese subjects for all ink painters, especially during their training.  Mastery of the different parts of the bamboo (stem, knot, branches and leaves) was essential in order to capture the true essence of the bamboo.  The Chinese felt that the essence of the bamboo was also an expression of the true endurance.  Obata was a renowned master of sumi-e painting, and his mastery of the tradition is evident in even rather spare compositions.

Condition:  Very good  condition.  Repair on lower right corner. 

Dimensions:  52 x 39.4 cm
Seal: Artist’s seal in red
Signature: Chiura Obata


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