Portrait of a foreign soldier

Nagasaki-e Portrait of a foreign soldier

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Artist: Unknown Nagasaki Artist
Title: Portrait of a foreign soldier
Date: ca. mid 19th century

Closeup of a foreign soldier grasping a gun. Note the bulging eyes, curly hair and enormous nose. Notes from the translator: Seems to be an envoy of the Ch'ing (Qing) Dynasty. The upper right reads "fuku shou" ( guessing from the individual meanings something like "assistant general").  Then on the left, it starts " " (kinsa-daijin in Japanese pronunciation, but definitely a Chinese term), which in Manchurian is called "hese i takuuraha amban", which was a position in the Ch'ing Dynasty where, in certain situations, the representative would be given the full authority of the Emperor in dealing with the situation.  Originally a temporary position, it gradually became more permanent, although both durations seemed to exist from time to time. It also continues with which I can only guess at, and official titles are usually formalistic so the normal meaning is usually not so useful (but it says national 3rd sub ambassador, or something vaguely like that). Then in the 2nd line, it says something like secretary of the navy (guessing at the rank).Then it says, with his name in Japanese phonetics, "Portrait of Kitadansu Anan", which is likely a Manchurian name (the Manchus ran the Ch'ing Dynasty). To the left of his face, are smaller characters the latter ones I have trouble reading due to the worn printing, but it seems to indicate: "assistant ambassador, conveying a request letter at the request of the king..." or something.

Condition: Good impression and condition.
Literature: Not in Mody.
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