Hiroshige: Okitsu: The Okitsu River (Okitsu-gawa)

Hiroshige: Okitsu: The Okitsu River (Okitsu-gawa) (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige
Title: Okitsu: The Okitsu River (Okitsu-gawa)
Series: Fifty-three stations of Tôkaidô
Date: 1830s

Two heavy sumo wrestlers are crossing the Okitsu River: one is carried by four spindly-legged porters; another on a bending horseback. In the background is the beach of Miho, its row of pine trees called Pine grove of Miho (Miho no Matsubara ) which for centuries was a favoured subject with poets and painters.

Dimensions: horizontal ôban
Publisher: Hôei-dô(take son) & Senkaku-dô (kaku ki)
Signature: Hiroshiga ga