Narita Morikane: Nude Combing the Hair (Sold)

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Artist: Narita Morikane (active ca. 1930s)
Title:  Combing the Hair from Twenty-four Figures of Charming Women
Date: ca. 1930

A nude beauty has just finished bathing near a stream, and is combing out her long tresses. Most interesting is that she is affixing the viewer with a direct gaze, something unusual for this genre. Her kimono hangs on a branch next to her, providing some coy cover-up. She has a towel draped across her thighs, and two red thistles sprout up in the foreground. The design on the kimono features schools of colorful fish and a stylized wave design. A scarce series, for reasons that are lost to time. Perhaps the Japanese authorities did not appreciate the frank erotic nature of the works, and shut down production of this series.

Condition: Excellent impression; very good color and condition. Some toning to margins verso, and a faint diagonal crease.
Dimensions: 42.2 x 28.3 cm
Publisher: Shinbisha
Literature: Reigle Newland, Amy, and Hamanaka Shinji, The Female Image: 20th century prints of Japanese beauties, 2000, no. 203.
Signature: Morikane