Mori Yoshiyuki: Untitled

Mori Yoshiyuki: Untitled (Sold)

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Artist: Mori Yoshiyuki
Title: Untitled
Date: 1873

The text explains the picture: In 1862 (Bunkyu i no toshi, a dog year of Bunkyu) the measles was widely spread and a great amount of people suffered from the epidemic. This year (1873, Meiji 6) in early May the measles has been spreading out again. However the Shinto deity will definitely purify even a strong evil of the epidemic and they will be running away. We are confident that we are in good hands this time and the people who are suffering now will be soon recover and live ever after. The picture shows Susano-ono-mikoto, a Shinto deity on the cloud, sending his soldier to chase away the evil of the measles. Children are happy to see that the measles man is runnning away.

Publisher: Yamamura Kanesaburo
Signature: Roka Yoshiyuki hitsu (There are two artists called Yoshiyuki . Roka meaning Naniwa, Osaka, therefore Mori Yoshiyuki, pupil of Yoshiume, who moved to Tokyo from Osaka in 1868)