Matsukawa Hanzan: Long Surimono of a Woman Warrior (SOLD)

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Artist: Matsukawa Hanzan (1818-1882)
Title: Long Surimono of a Japanese Woman Warrior
Date: ca. 1850s

Long surimono of a female Japanese warrior holding a large archery bow, with a sheathed sword at her side. She is depicted on a beach with two men kneeling at her feet who are dressed in Korean- or Chinese-style garb. This could be the Japanese Empress Jingu in Korea, as there are other images in ukiyo-e with similar iconography that depict this personage. It also could be Lady Hangaku, who was famous for her mastery of archery at the battle of Kennin in 1201 during time time of the Heike and Genji wars. The  fifteen Kyoka poems at left were contributed by the Enoshima Ichigun (poetry) group. The connection between the poems and the image would require the research of a scholar who can read this type of Japanese script (and there are very few such people!). A scarce design, probably unique. With blindprinting on the woman’s white garment.

Matsuyama Hanzan was the son of a Kyoka poet from Osaka (Matsukawa Temeitsu). A long surimono by this artist is in the collection of the MIA.

Condition: Excellent impression and color. Very good condition. With the usual vertical fold lines. Unbacked. 
Dimensions: 19.4 x 52.4 cm
Signature: Oju kei (?) (by request?) Hanzan