Maekawa Senpan: Woman In a Hot Spring Bath (Sold)

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Artist: Maekawa Senpan
Title: Woman In a Hot Spring Bath
Date: 1949

A solitary beauty gathers her hair and prepares to lower herself into the hot spring waters of a cypress-wood onsen in Beppu. Traditional onsen buildings like this one must be very few and far between these days. The original edition was only printed in an edition of five, with the 2nd edition prints by Kato much more available. This is from the Kato edition, the same edition that is in the British Museum from the Vergez Collection.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition.
Signature: Maekawa Senpan (in red)
Literature: See “Modern Japanese Prints: 1912-1989” by Lawrence Smith, 1994. Plate 81, cat. no. 83. See BM, MFA, Harvard online.