Lilian May Miller: Morning Snow on Bamboo, Japan

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Artist: Lilian May Miller (1895-1943)
Title: Morning Snow on Bamboo, Japan
Date: 1928

Classic scene of snow-laden bamboo branches against a silver sky, made more interesting by the strongly cropped view that the artist has selected. Here the sky appears literally silver, as there as a deep layer of silver mica which supplies a sparkling contrast to the white snow. There is a version with a plain grey sky (version A), but this work (marked B) is much more striking. Miller was born in Japan to a diplomat father, and learned all three of the processes of print production; design, block-carving and printing. 

Condition:Excellent impression, color and condition. Minor tape remnants at top.
Dimensions: 44.1 x 16.9 cm
Publisher: Self-published
Literature:Yokohama Museum of Art, Eyes Towards Asia: Ukiyo-e Artists from Abroad, 1996, p. 244. Brown, Between Two Worlds: The Life and Art of Lilian May Miller, 1998, p. 46, fig. 43. Brown, Lilian Miller: An American Artist in Japan, in Impressions 27, 2006, pp. 80-97 of Lilian May Miller”, figure 87, catalog #97. See Honolulu Museum of Art.
Signature: Signed in brush "Lilian Miller/ 1928"