Kiyochika: Moon from Kiyomizudera in Kyoto

Kiyochika: Moon from Kiyomizudera in Kyoto (Sold)

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Artist: Kobayashi Kiyochika
Title: Moon from Kiyomizudera in Kyoto
Series: Views of Japan
Date: 1915 (1929)

A spare and painterly depiction of a glowing yellow moon rising over the misted terrain as viewed from Kiyomizudera Temple. “Cool Moon Evening at Kiyomizudo in the Eastern Capital”. The moonshadow of the railing is particularly evocative. This series was designed by Kiyochika ca. 1913-1915, but only a few trial prints were published. In 1929 a total of 26 prints were issued, with the seal reading “Kiyochika Fukei Shin-ga hampu-kai” (Society for the Distribution of Kiyochika’s Landscapes). The works have a watercolor-like effect and a very pleasing palette.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Matsuki Heikichi
Seal: Artist’s seals
Signature: Kiyochika