Kiyochika: Fireflies Along the Koromo River

Kiyochika: Fireflies Along the Koromo River (Sold)

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Artist: Kobayashi Kiyochika
Title: Fireflies Along the Koromo River
Date: 1880

Koromo River below Tennôji Temple. Fireflies cluster near the shore of the Koromo River. A pedestrian holding a single lantern walks towards a restaurant, from whose lit window we see two silhouetted figures. As Henry Smith II notes, the river of the title has never been located, but it must refer to a place known as “Firefly Valley” along the Aizome River, west of the Tennôji Temple. This impression features a layer of mica on many of the areas of deepest black.

Condition: Excellent impression and color; very good condition. Light center fold, as often is found in these works.
Dimensions: ôban horizontal
Publisher: Fukada Komajirô
Literature: See Henry Smith II “Kiyochika: Artist of Meiji Japan”, figure 29, page 38. See BM and MFA websites as well.
Signature: Kobayashi Kiyochika hitsu