Kiyochika: Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Kiyochika: Ikegami Honmonji Temple (Sold)

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Artist: Kobayashi Kiyochika
Title: Ikegami Honmonji Temple
Series: One Hundred Views of Musashi Province (Musashi hyakkei no uchi)
Date: Nov. 10, 1884 (Meiji 17)

"Here Kiyochika shows the steady stream of Nichiren pilgrims arriving along the approach to the great temple. In the foreground is one of the large processional lanterns, supported by a pole of green bamboo. Protruding from above are strands of artificial blossoms, and inscribed on the square enclosure are the characters "Wondrous Law"  (Myoho), a reference to the Lotus Sutra worshipped by Nichiren believers. Below hangs a row of lanterns bearing the crest of the Nichiren sect... At the bottom of the print is a dark group of hooded figures who seem to be carrying oversized wooden rice paddles intended for offering at the temple. It is a haunting scene, filled with an intriguing variety of forms that pique the imagination....”

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Kobayashi Tetsujiro
Literature: Henry Smith's "Kiyochika: Artist of Meiji Japan" plate 82 page 73 for a detailed discussion of this work.
Seal: Carver: hori-ho
Signature: Shinsei Kiyochika