Kuniyoshi: Act II of the Chûshingura (ni-dan)

Kuniyoshi: Act II of the Chûshingura (ni-dan) (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Title: Act II of the Chûshingura (ni-dan)
Series: Mitate Inspired by the Play Chûshingura (mitate chôchin-gura)
Date: ca. 1850

This series has the main figures of the chapters from Kabuki “Chûshin-gura” on lanterns on the right top, however the title of prints is a phonetically similar “chôchin,” meaning a lantern instead of “chûshin,” loyal retainers. A beauty is arranging flowers, and holds up the branch of an evergreen. This refers to the act II of the Chûshingura where Wakasa’s councillor, Honzo, cuts off a branch of the Japanese pine and says “You cut off Moronao’s head like this!”, and then puts the sword back in the sheath full of sap, thereby making Wakasa’s sword unusable.

Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Yamamoto-ya Heikichi
Seal: censors:Muramatsu Genroku & Yoshimura Gentaro (1848-53)
Signature: Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi with his paulownia seal