Kuniyoshi: Act IV of the Chûshingura  (yon-dan)

Kuniyoshi: Act IV of the Chûshingura (yon-dan) (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Title: Act IV of the Chûshingura (yon-dan)
Series: Mitate Inspired by the Play Chûshingura (mitate chôchin-gura)
Date: 1847-53

This series has the main figures of the chapters from Kabuki “Chûshin-gura” on lanterns on the right top, however the title of prints is a phonetically similar “chôchin,” meaning a lantern instead of “chûshin,” loyal retainers. The lantern of this print carries two men:one with a lantern, another with the family crest of ôhoshi Yuranosuke on his robes . Act IV is the scene that Hangan was forced to commit seppuku and gave his sword to Yuranosuke as relic for revenge. His clan had to surrender their castle and to be dissolved. A seated woman leans on the piles of the boxes of jôruri books and has her hair pin in her hand. A poem by Uonoya Kôgan refers to her hair pin and unfinished book.

Publisher: Yamamoto-ya Heikichi
Seal: censors’ seals:Muramatsu & Yoshimura (1847-53)
Signature: Ichiyûsai Kuniyoshi ga