Kunisada: Jiraiya and Go Game (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Jiraiya and Go Game
Date: 1852

Jiraiya is disguised as “murasaki daijin" (purple  rich man), referring to a false handsome country Genji. The courtesan Ayame belongs to the Kumade-ya Tea House in Niigata. These two characters come from one of the stories of  Kabuki drama "Jiraiya goketsu monogatari“, a version of "Inaka Genji“, in which Ichikawa Danjuro VIII played Jiraiya as a prince of Sarashina Family of Shinshu Province. The story associates with "Inaka murasaki Genji.“ 

          In the center a man is carrying the go game board on his back so that the courtesan Ayame with a pair of high geta shoes and Jiraiya also with high geta can reach the board without kneeling. He is also reaching out the cases of black and white stones for each player. She has a white stone and Jiraiya, a black stone. She wears a kimono with a large peacock with obi sashbelt designed with a carp shooting up a waterfall. Jiraiya wears a kimono with mandarin ducks.  Changing color of maple trees in the background indicates the fall season.  This drama was first played at Ichimura-za in September, 1851.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. Slight trimming.
Dimensions: ôban Diptych
Signature: Toyokuni ga