Kunisada: Hyôe

Kunisada: Hyôe (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Hyôe
Series: From Contest of Roles : Mirror of “Tenarai Kagami” (hanakurabe tenarai kyô no uchi)
Date: 11/1852

One of ten portraits from Kabuki Sugawara’s Secrets of Calligraphy (Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami). In the “Totenko” scene Hyôe, father and Sukune Tarô, his son plan to assassinate Shôjô by tricking him into believing they are escorting him to his ship. They plan to slay him along the way. Hyôe manages to provide a false crowing. Shôjô leaves in a palaquin in the dark. Here Hyôe portrayed with a rooster.

Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Kogaya Katsugorô
Seal: censor’s seals: Watanabe & Mera, Date seal :11th month of Rat year (1852), Carver’s seal: Hori Ko Ma?
Signature: Toyokuni ga