Kunisada: Three Courtesans During a Festival (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Three Courtesans During a Festival
Date: Ca. 1830s

Three courtesans in translucent kimono stand on a boldly patterned veranda overlooking a river full of festival boats in the New Yoshiwara district. The clouds have a gold-sprinkled effect, lending an even more festive air to the scene. The lanterns have the emblem of the house of Manji-ya. The title is “Shin yoshiwara ni-chome Kuki Manji-ya karitaku no zu”.

three courtesans on the veranda

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban triptych
Publisher: Yamaguchi-ya
Seal: censor’s seal:kiwame
Signature: Kôchôrô Kunisada ga