Kunisada: Beauty with Armband (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Beauty with Armband
Series: Edo Meisho Hyakunin Bijyo:Famous Places in Edo Compared with 100 Beauties
Date: 2/1858 (censor’s date seal: 2nd Month of Horse Year)

A seated beauty checks her armband, probably a token of good luck from the pictured shrine, Dairoku. From the series “One Hundred Beauties Compared with Famous Places in Edo’’.In the koma-e left above Dairoku Tenjin Shrine is depicted by Kunihisa who lived with Kunisada in Yanagishima, just north of Kameido Shrine, after he married Kunisada’s daughter, Okatsu, in 1852.

A seated woman rolling up her sleeve

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Yamaguchi
Seal: Ccensor’s date seal: 2nd Month of Horse Year (1858)
Signature: Toyokuni ga