Kuniyoshi: Soga Goro Interrupts a Feast

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Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Title: Soga Goro Confronted by Yoshihide During a Feast
Date: Ca. 1843-43

Soga Goro is discovered behind the shoji screen as he observes the great feast given by Wada Yoshimori at Oiso. From the Soga monogatari, the classic 12th century vendetta story that involves the two young Soga brothers who must avenge their father’s death. It is one of the most popular and enduring stories in Japan, supposedly based on an actual event during the Kamakura period. This must be the moment just prior to the famous armor-pulling scene between Soga Goro and Yoshihide, Yoshimori’s son. Yoshihide is a famous strongman, and here he is seated in his voluminous robes that feature a crane crest. Although Soga Goro has been hiding behind the sliding screen, Yoshihide (also known as Asahide) is here pointing him out. We get the feeling of a party being suddenly interrupted as all eyes turn to Soga Goro. The title as given in Robinson is “Wada Yoshimori ichimon kujusan-gi Oiso ni oiete...”

Condition: Very good impression and color. Excellent condition. Unbacked and untrimmed.
Dimensions: ôban triptych (38.4 x 76.5 cm)
Publisher: Takahashi-ya Takakichi
Literature: Robinson T101
Signature: Ichiyûsai Kuniyoshi ga with his paulownia seal