Kunisada: Uchiwa-e (fan print) of Actor with Folding Fan (SOLD)

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1864)
Title: Uchiwa-e of Nakamura Shikan with Cherry Trees
Date: 1863

An uncut fan print of the actor Nakamura Shikan IV (?) in a female role, walking along the banks of a river, blooming cherry trees seen on the opposite bank, She wears an outer kimono with the stylized chidori  (plover) pattern, which bears a crest with two blossoms.  She carries an open folding fan with two cherry blossoms on it, but she has dropped the fan from its upright position in her hand, perhaps in surprise. The landscape in the background was done by Kunihisa. The date seal reads Bunkyo 3, or 1863.

Condition: Excellent impression; very good color and condition. Some areas of discoloration verso.
Dimensions: uchiwa-e (23.5 x 29.1 cm)
Publisher: Iseya Magobei
Signature: 78-year-old Toyokuni hitsu and Kunihisa ga