Kunisada: Kabuki triptych with Spiderweb and Tattoo

Utagawa Kunisada

  • $975.00

Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Bold Triptych of Half-Length Actors from the play Kurikaeshite Mimasu no Tamemono
Date: 1862

Ichikawa Ichizo III (1833-1865) in the role of Nadauemon (center, top) and Ichikawa Kodanji IV (1812-1866) in the role of Tonnenbo, center bottom. At right with a Lion-dog robe is Nakamura Toranosuke in the role of Washizu Rokuro. At left is Onoe Kikujiro II (1814-1875) in the role of Nadeshiko Ogami.  Scene from the play Kurikaeshite Mimasu no Tamamono, staged at the Morita Theater in Edo in the 2nd month of 1862. Tonnenbo is covered in spider-webs and holds a hand-sized spider, which he seems to struggle with and which perhaps represents the Earth Spider or one of its progeny. He also features shoulder tattoos with portions of a dragon and clouds visible.

Condition: Excellent impression and color. Very good condition. leftmost sheet has fold about 1 cm along right edge. Unbacked.
Dimensions: ôban Triptych

Signature: Seventy-eight Year Old Toyokuni ga


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