Kunisada: Beauty at a Hot Spring on a Spring Evening (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Beauty at a Hot Spring on a Spring Evening
Series: 教訓植附垣根ノ中 Moral Instructions Grown in a Hedge
Date: 1844

A beauty fastens the lower sash on her bamboo-patterned kimono. She is either preparing to end a visit or preparing to begin one, as her belongings are next to her on the ground. Included is a fan, an inro, a furoshiki-wrapped bundle and what looks to be a packet of tissues. Her hair is decorated in a festive manner. Beautifully printed, with mica in the grey background and blindprinting in the white under-layer of her robe as well as on the blue sash. The fan-shaped cartouche may read  "Shunseki Bijo no Yugaeri" (春夕美女の湯かゑり), ie "Beautiful Women Returning from the Bath on a Spring Night". The title reads 宿下りのたのしみ艸 (Pleasures of the Inn).

Condition: Excellent impression. Very good color and condition. There is a layer of paper missing from the back in a 1 cm area in the white background. Untrimmed and unbacked.
Dimensions: ôban (36.5 x 25 cm)
Publisher: Kimuraya Shigezo
Signature: Kochoro Kunisada ga