Kunisada: Beauties on an outing Viewing Cherry Blossoms

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Viewing Cherry Blossoms at Mukojima
Date: ca. 1840

A group of beautifully attired young women and a small boy enjoy the excitement and  beauty of cherry blossom viewing. In the background we see women arriving by ferry, with what look like porters and hosts to greet them. The woman have ascended a path that took them through a stone torii. In the middle sheet the boy is being carried by a young woman, but he reaches towards the woman in the first panel, perhaps his mother, who stretches out her arms towards him. She holds a toothpick in her mouth, an indication of how relaxed and intimate the outing is. On the third sheet is the nursemaid; her hair is wrapped and she carries a basket in her right hand and a red mask in her left hand that looks to be of the long-nosed Tengu king. She holds the mask up, trying to entertain the boy.

Condition: Excellent impression. Very good color and condition. Lightly backed, with crease near edge of each print.
Dimensions: ôban triptych (36.2 x 74.6 cm)
Signature: Kôchôrô Kunisada ga