Kunisada: Actor with Tiger Tattoo (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)
Title: Tattoed actor roping a rock(Takegaki no Torazô: Ichimura Uzaemon)
Series: A Modern Suikoden (Kinsei Suikoden)
Date: 1862

The actor Ichimura Uzaemon XIII as Takegaki no Torazô. His tattoo features a snarling tiger amidst bamboo. He is shown lifting a large inscribed rock with the aid of a rope. The effort is plain on his face, and the tied-up head towel amplifies his exertion 

These outlaw-heroes were known for their extensive tattooing, being bandits who lived according to their own rules. The Kinsei Suikoden is based on the story of Tenpô Suikoden, which believed to be written by Muroi Kinryô in the style of the Chinese Suikoden following the incident of Sasagawa Shigezô in 1844. It became also a Kabuki play. In this series, the protagonists of the Kabuki plays are depicted by Kunisada and the stories are written by Kanagaki Robun. In the story (written above), Torazô comes from Takegaki village in Shimofusa Province (present north Chiba) and is a cousin of Inosuke, a follower of the big boss Sutegorô. Torazô is known as a man of justice and loyalty. He was also a strong man. At one point he traveled to Kamakura and became a musician, calling himself Azumagawa no Torazô. At the festival of Tsuruga hachiman, (a shrine in Kamakura) his performance was well received. He became very popular and was invited even by the shogunate. After Torazô toured different provinces for 56 years, he returned to his town and heard that his cousin, Inosuke was killed in a fight with Higezô. He hurried to Sutegorô in Ioka, where he met with allies to plot to kill Higezô. Eventually they managed to kill Higezô at Ushiobara. Later, Torazô contributed to more brave deeds.

Condition: Excellent impression and color; very good condition. Lightly backed with minor trimming at left. With sparkling mica added to the rock.
Dimensions: ôban (35.8 x 24.9 cm)
Publisher: Ise-ya Kanekichi
Signature: kio Toyokuni ga