Kunichika: Tattooed Woman Brandishing a Knife (Sold)

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Artist: Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900)
Title: Sawamura Tanosuke III In a Female Role Wielding a Knife
Series: Mitate sanjurokku (Thirty-six (Kabuki) Poems Compared)
Date: 1865

The actor Sawamura Tanosuke III in a female role, brandishing a knife. She is freeing her right arm from its kimono sleeve, showing her under-robe in red with white geometric patterns. Her pushed-up sleeves also reveal her large tattoos. On her arm we glimpse the head of a serpent. Scenes showing tattooed women are quite rare in kabuki prints. According to the Waseda University website, this is a mitate-e, or a portrayal of an actor in an imagined role that they never in fact played.

Condition: Excellent impression and color. Very good condition. Backed.
Dimensions: ôban 36.3 x 24.8 cm
Publisher: Masudaya Ginjiro
Signature: Kunichika ga
Literature: The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum of Waseda University 100-6714